Transformer Site Service

MSS ProfileTransformer Site Service is one of the business units of PT. Maxima Daya Indonesia that provide transformer services in the field of inspection, repair and maintenance of distribution transformer on site. The service we call Maxima Site Service (MSS), supported by mobile services unit which can serve customer anywhere and anytime as well.

MSS is equipped with the latest technology equipments that calibrated regularly by independent certification agencies.

Scope of Transformer Repair and Maintenance :
   1. Insulation and Winding Resistance Measurement.
   2. Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR) Measurement.
   3. Purification and Replacement of Transformer Oil.
   4. Measurement of Water Content in Transformer Oil.
   5. Erection, Energizing and Commissioning of Transformer.
   6. Cleaning Rust, Repainting and Leakage Handling.
   7. Accessories Replacement, Minor Repair and Maintenance.