Two types of distribution transformer are manufactured in PT. Maxima Daya Indonesia namely Oil Immersed Distribution Transformer and Dry Type Distribution Transformer. We have acquired and supplied new technology to manufacture distribution transformer with the rated capacity up to 5000 kVA, 36 kV nominal voltage. We also have the ability to design and manufacture special transformer as per customer request for various applications, complying with latest edition of national or international standards such as IEC, ANSI, SPLN, etc.

From the view point of mechanical construction, our products can be classified in to the following groups :

     Standard Accessories

  • Off Circuit Tap Changer
  • Oil Temperature Indicator
  • Oil Level Indicator
  • Pressure Relief Device
  • Lifting Eyes
  • Rollers
  • Oil Drain and Filling Device

     Optional Accessories

  • Buchholz Relay
  • Winding Temperature Indicator
  • LV/MV Cable Box
  • Current Transformer
  • Oil Conservator, etc.